Top VW Executives Accused of Fraud

There are top VW executives who were engaged in a massive fraud in order to intentionally sell diesel cars that violated emissions rules. This is according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday by the New York and Massachusetts’s attorneys general. VW admitted that there are over 500,000 diesel cars that were sold in the US that has software designed to cheat during emissions testing. This claim was executed by lower level employees without knowledge from the top executives. And this was repeatedly indicated. Last month, VW reached a $15 billion settlement with regulators and also state attorneys general in order to compensate US car owners. This also includes repairing cars to lower emissions and also pay environmental fines. Yet there’s a new civil suit by New York and Massachusetts that could increase additional fines on the side of the car giant. It indicated that during their state investigation and based on a review of internal emails and documents, it shows that the deception actually reached executives. Martin Winterkorn, CO of VW resigned shortly after the scandal broke. He is one of the executives that were identified. "This was a widespread conspiracy involving many, many people," said New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. "Today's lawsuits make clear that substantial penalties must be imposed on the Volkswagen companies, above and beyond the amount they have to pay to make American consumers whole," said Schneiderman. "Neither Volkswagen, nor any other car manufacturer, should ever again conclude that it can engage in this behavior as part of the cost of doing business." VW however said that this kind of allegation isn’t new to their ears. And they are now discussing with environmental regulators and also federal law enforcement officials on how to settle it. They will continue to cooperate with them. While this is indeed not new, the involvement of top executives in the emissions scandal is certainly bad on the side of the car giant. This will implicate that there were big bosses that were involved hence these cars were released to the market. While we are just here in the side lines just watching the development, this could mean bad business if indeed proven.
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