Volkswagen Aiming For Electric Cars by 2020

VW is now trying to make their wait into the future. While they still have ongoing emissions scandal that is still their biggest roadblock, they are now eyeing to eliminate the possibility of that happening again. And well, that might be right. Last Tuesday, Volkswagen confirmed with the Wall Street Journal that it will plan on building electric vehicles in North America by 2020.This is in an attempt to change their already soiled reputation. Just hours later on that same day, Reuters reported that there are three states that filed separate lawsuits against the car giant. The states are New York, Maryland and Massachusetts. They are alleging that the company violated their environmental laws and also covered up their diesel cheating scheme. Even before the emissions scandal broke out last September, VW already announced their plans to roll out with 20 electric cars and also plug-in hybrids by year 2020. They also boldly predicted that their new cars will be smartphones on wheels. Last Tuesday was already a confirmation for EVs but it didn’t reveal further details. Last June, VW struck a $14.7 billion settlement in order to remedy the emissions scandal. The company has its e-Golf hatchback on the road but they are also ramping to more electric fleet by 2020. “We believe that this country, especially in urban mobility, will have a very strong shift from petrol engines into hybridization and electric cars,” Hinrich Woebcken, the new head of Volkswagen AG’s U.S. division, told the Wall Street Journal. “We are heavily investing in this one — including production in this North American region.” There is no denying that VW will have a lot of work to do with regards to their realization of their electric vehicles. Though they are already underway, there are already other brands that are way ahead them. Yet, it seems that VW is strategic in setting their eyes and their goals to this new target. They are really pursuing for a cleaner brand tagged in their name.
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