VW to Add Electric Models

VW is planning to ramp up their offerings of electric vehicles as they still fight back from the diesel scandal that exploded just last year. This electric campaign is part of the wide-ranging review of VW’s strategy that includes making the company’s management more open and also trustworthy. Matthias Mueller, VW CEO said last Thursday that the company plans to introduce more than 30 electric powered cars by 2025. They also aim to sell 2 to 3 millions of those cars a year. Mueller said the statement as the company made public the results of their continued effort to veer away from the scandal that exploded last September 2015. This new plan was dubbed as “Together – Strategy 2025”. This includes a focus on digital mobility, car or ride sharing apps, more open management and also stronger profitability. The company also sets increasing profitability as one of its goals. As such the VW brand is barely making money. Mueller indicated that the company need to increase operating profit margins from the current 6% to 7.8% come 2025. Even more, the company is also seeking to make its management more open and less convinced it knew the best things to do without consulting partners and even seeking outside advice. "Our most important currency is trust," Mueller said at a news conference at the company's Autostadt, or Auto City, visitor center next door to its headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany. He acknowledged the difficulty of winning back public confidence after the scandal. Mueller further indicated that the company needs more electric cars in order to meet the increasingly tight government limits with regards to emissions of carbon dioxide. This is the greenhouse gas that is usually blamed for global warming and other pollutants. He added that the company would keep a major focus with regards to internal combustion engines development and selling. There is no denying that this new move of VW is definitely a trend that needs to be address. Regardless if they are not the forefront in the industry, at least they are revolutionizing their cars in order to keep up with the standards. With the emissions scandal still trailing behind their back, this move is definitely a breath of fresh air.
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